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Important Preposition questions

April 25, 2012

Important Preposition questions

01.Fill In the blank

He has been ill __ Friday last.

a)      Since

b)      in

c)      for

d)     on

e)      None of these

02. Fill in the blank:

He has assured me __ safety.

a)      With

b)      at

c)      for

d)     of

e)      Nome of these

03. What is the time __ your watch?

a)  By

b)  in

c) at

d) with

e) None of these

04. What will be the correct preposition to complete the sentence?

I am not __ tennis.

a) in

b) at

c) about

d) with

05. We have recently entered __ an agreement with the Inland Co-operative society.- Which of the following best fits in the blank space.

a) no preposition

b) upon

c) in

d) into

e) about

06. Now-a-days many villages are lit electricity.

– Which is the correct Preposition in the blank?

a) with

b) by

c) from

d) on

e) None of these

07. The walls of our house have been painted— green.

–Which is the correct preposition in the blank above?

a) no preposition

b) by

c) in

d) with

e) on

08. Trying united we were able to have our approved against strong oppositions.-Which of the following says nearly the same as ‘against’ above?

a) in the wake of

b) in the guise of

c) in the plea of

d) in the teeth of

e) None of these

09. Fill in the gap with appropriate preposition:

Are you doing anything special __ the weekend?

a) in

b) for

c) on

d) at

e) None of these

10. Almost everyone fails __ on the first try.

a) in passing his driver’s test

b) to his driver’s test

c) to have passed his driver’s test

d) passing his driver’s text

e) Nome of these


01. a 02. d 03. a 04. b 05.d
06. a 07. a 08. d 09. a 10. c